FAQ's for Ivory Bride

Do I need an appointment to try on your gowns?

Yes. At Ivory Bride we want to provide a luxury experience for our clients. An appointment ensures that you have our creative stylists undivided attention in our beautiful Ivory Suite. If you visit without an appointment we will do our best to find you a space that day, or we will make you an appointment for our next available opening. We endeavour to help each and every bride that walks through our doors.

How many people can I bring to my appointment? And is there anything else I need to bring?

Due to the intimate nature of our boutique and Ivory Suite we ask that you bring only your closest friends and family, 2-3 max plus the bride.

All you need to bring is your excited bubbly self and appropriate undergarments.

Please be respectful of our beautiful gowns by not fake tanning leading up to or on the day of your appointment. We now reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee to anyone who chooses to fake tan for their appointment to cover the cost of cleaning, repairing and replacing our beautiful gown.

What price are your gowns?

Ivory Bride houses quality Designer Wedding Gowns between $1,800 - $3,500. We do have a small collection of white gowns under $1,000. We can also sell some samples off the rack at a discounted price. We offer a generous Payment Plan to our brides if they require.

How long before my wedding should I start looking for my gown? How long do they take to be made?

We suggest starting your journey to find your gown 12 months prior to your wedding. This allows ample time for your gown to be made and shipped and to have alterations done. The more time you allow the less stress you will feel.

Gowns can take between 6-9 months to be made however if you have less time we can organise a rush order or sell you our sample off the rack. We will always do our very best to get you the gown you love.

Do you sell Debutante Gowns?

Yes we do! We have an amazing collection of non traditional modern white gowns that are perfect for a Debutante Ball. Some of our Debutante Gowns can be ordered in different colours making them perfect for multiple events. If you want something unique and non " Puffy Princess" you will love our collection. We suggest booking an appointment 4-6 months before the ball to secure your gown. We have an exclusivity policy which means we only sell one of each style per school. This means no one will be wearing the same gown, we keep track of all gowns sold in our registry. First in best dressed! The sooner you say YES to your Debutante Dress the sooner you secure that style for yourself.

What sizes do your gowns go down/up to?

Each Designer has their own unique size chart. As our designers are Australian and International all sizes vary. Majority of our gowns can be ordered in upto a size 26

Remember that bridal sizing is different to everyday clothing. We will be able to assist in ordering the correct size for you.

If I purchase my gown from another store are you still able to help me with accessories?

Of course! We are always excited to help brides complete their look. We design and make all of our Veils and Head Wear in house so we can custom create a piece to suit. We also have a carefully curated collection of Earrings, Vintage Accessories and Garters.

Help I bought my dress elsewhere and it arrived wrinkled and without a garment bag. Can you help?

We are excited to offer a new service to brides who find their gown elsewhere. Now you can bring your gown into the boutique and for a fee we will steam and prep your gown so that it is absolutely perfect for your wedding day. We have found that many other stores do not bother to steam the gown before sending it home with the bride, so we decided to help.

We will treat your gown with the respect it deserves and make sure it is wrinkle free and ready for your wedding day.

Can I bring my 3 young children with me to my appointment?

We absolutely adore children, But after an unfortunate incident where we experienced $10,000+ dollars worth of damage we can no longer afford to accommodate unsupervised children in the boutique.

We do make exceptions, babies and children in strollers are welcome. If you do need to bring children to your appointment, you will need to bring another adult to supervise. If any damage occurs, damage must be paid for in full on the day, or we will be forced to take legal action to recover the costs incurred to our business by your children.

We also recommend coming with out children so that you can enjoy the whole experience at Ivory Bride. We recommend this to ensure the bride has a calm environment to enjoy finding her gown. When you are trying on gowns the stylist is completely focused on assisting the bride, the bride is excited and focusing on each gown and it is absolutely impossible for the stylist or the bride to chase children around the store. We find the bride gets flustered and does not generally enjoy her appointment, so for everyone's happiness we ask that you do not bring children to your appointment unless absolutely necessary.

Do you buy/sell second hand gowns?

No, we do not buy or sell second hand Bridal or Debutante Gowns at Ivory Bride.

Any questions give us a call or book your appointment here!